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By visiting our website you are agreeing to our terms and conditions whether read or not...
If the total balance is less than $1000, the total balance is due at start up in full. If total balance is $1000 or more, you have the option of paying in full at start up or you can pay 50% down at start up and the remaining 50% upon completion. Your design will not be released or go live until full payment is received.
Presh Web reserves the right to terminate a project agreement at any time, for any reason. In the event we do terminate a project agreement, any artwork and development created before termination date will become property of the client and no refund will be given. If we have not started the project yet, Presh Web will refund your payment.
If the client terminates the project agreement, the client forfeits any and all payments that have been made before the termination. Those payments cannot be applied to any other service.
Once a project is complete, any future maintenance and/or modifications of the website design will incur additional charges. You will be billed our hourly rate at the time of this request.
The client guarantees that any text, photos, graphics, trademarks, or any other artwork and/or wordage that they furnish to Presh Web to be used within the client’s project are owned by the client and/or the client has permission from the rightful owner to use the property within their project and will hold harmless, protect and defend Presh Web and any subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such property furnished by the client.
Everything on as well as our client’s sites are protected by copyright laws. Do not steal or recreate anything on this site or our clients. It is illegal and punishable by law.
Presh Web will retain all copyright ownership of all original artwork, preliminary or final. Clients are prohibited from redistributing any graphics, artwork, scripts, etc. that Presh Web has provided the client with. Presh Web reserves the right to use completed projects for marketing and/or portfolio purposes. The rights to photos, scripts, software, etc. not owned by Presh Web will of course remain property of their respective owners (stock photos, third parties, etc.).
- Registering for domain name and web host. Client needs to consult with Presh Web before doing so.
- Requesting integration of third party services prior to starting project.
- Commitment to communicate with Presh Web in timely manner for the completion of the project.
- Resizing/editing and uploading product photos as well as any other photos to be displayed on the website. (Unless this service is specifically purchased)
- Data entry of all products. (Unless this service is specifically purchased)
- Data entry of all website pages. (Unless this service is specifically purchased)
- Maintain products and pages. (Unless this service is specifically purchased)
No refunds for any reason due to the nature of the service.
We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Any information collected is use solely to process the purchase/project and will not be sold to anyone.
Presh Web and the client must work together in order to complete the project in a timely manner. We communicate via email ONLY. Once payment has been received and the work of the client’s project begins the client must be available via email to communicate and critique the work so Presh Web can complete the project in a timely manner.
If 30 days has passed without the client responding to emails, the project will be canceled without notice. All monies paid will be non-refundable and the project agreement will be terminated. In the case the client would like to proceed after the 30 days of not responding to emails, it will be determined based upon availability of Presh Web and a new quote will be given at that time.
If the client furnishes professional photographs to Presh Web to use within their project, the client will need to supply a signed release form from the photographer allowing Presh Web to use the photographs within the client’s project.
All communication and project details provided will be confidential and only between the client and Presh Web, unless consent has been given by the client.
Any payments that have been received are non-refundable. If a project is canceled and if the work completed has exceeded the amount that has been paid, the client will receive a bill for the remaining balance.
Presh Web is not liable for damages or errors you encounter while having designs we provided printed if specifications were not provided, or if the specifications provided were inaccurate, or if you supply the incorrect file format to your printer, or if your printer has made an error, etc. Print designs provided by Presh Web are all one sided unless discussed otherwise and additional charges will apply. Print designs provided by Presh Web are non-refundable. Print designs provided by Presh Web are compatible with Vista Print unless otherwise specifically requested and discussed.
If Presh Web receives a PayPal dispute, your project will be terminated without notice. There will be a $50 fee plus outstanding balance will become immediately due and must be paid in full before completing. If the service was complete you will have committed fraud and will be billed the $50 fee plus any payments that are being held due to the dispute. Please contact Presh Web to address any billing issues. Opening a PayPal dispute for a valid charge/purchase is fraud.
Presh Web will spend a maximum of 90 days from the start date on custom website designs. The start date is the day we receive payment. This process usually takes 30-60 days with regular communication but we allow up to 90. Once 90 days have passed and the design is not complete due to negligence of the client the project will be marked complete. The client will then need to purchase our current hourly rate to complete the design. When Presh Web completes the client’s custom website design before the 90 day mark which is 99% of the time, and the client confirms completion, the 90 days becomes null and void. Presh Web will not release the design and make it live until the client confirms completion. Presh Web does NOT offer an ongoing service. Later on after completion if the client decides to change a few things, the client will be charged our current hourly rate.
With the purchase of a custom designs the client is allowed up to 3 revisions.
Presh Web is not liable for any delays in the completion of a project due to a negligence client, unforeseen illness, or any reason beyond the control of Presh Web. Presh Web designs accordingly to their preferred web host, not for what you see correct.
All website designs provided by Presh Web require a text link back to us. The client is prohibited from removing this link; it must stay intact at all times until the design is no longer published. Removal of this link is a violation of this agreement. If you are interested in having this link removed, contact us to discuss cost.
All projects by Presh Web are to be kept ‘as is’ and ONLY be used by the client that purchased the project in which it was originally designed for. Design graphics, content, code/scripts, text, and layouts may NOT be modified or altered without our permission.
Presh Web reserves the right to use completed projects for marketing and/or portfolio purposes. In addition, email testimonials could be displayed on our website.
By purchasing from Presh Web, the client authorizes us to install designs/scripts/software/programs needed to complete the project. We will request login information and passwords (if needed) in order complete your project.
Presh Web will do their best to make sure the final product is free of errors before sending it to the client but the client is ultimately responsible for proof reading and approving the project. Claims for defects, damages, and/or shortages must be reported by the client within 15 days of completion of the project. Failure to make the claim within the 15 day period shall confirm acceptance of the project as originally completed and request for changes will be charged our current hourly rate. Please note this refers to errors within the design, NOT if you choose to change the look of the design. Premade designs are sold ‘as is’ and unless an error was made any changes to the look or function of the premade design will cost our current hourly rate.
Any work purchased from Presh Web is without warranty of any kind. In no event will we be liable to you or any third party for the us of our graphics, scripts/coding, any lost profits, business interruption, negligence, loss of data, the use of any hosting service, internet servers, third party providers, internet software, service interruptions of any kind, or any other circumstances even if advised the possibility of such damages.
After 30 days from the day of completion, your design work is removed from our computer. Please back up your website regularly and keep this in mind before switching web host, etc. It is not our responsibility to back up, save, or store the client’s graphics, website design, logos, or any other project.
We are a graphic and web design service. We are neither connected to any nor responsible for web host, shopping cart, or merchant accounts, or any other third party that you might have been referred to. Each of those are a monthly services through individual companies no connected or related to Presh Web in any way. We are unable to provide support for any service other than our own, web and graphic design. You will need to contact the appropriate provider if you have an issue with their service. You can however contact us if you have an issue with your graphic design or the look of a website design that we have designed for you.
Our website designs are compatible with certain web host. Please contact Presh Web prior to getting started to discuss web host. Presh Web will not be held responsible for any web host mishaps because the client did not consult prior to getting started.
Presh Web designs accordingly to their preferred web host, not for what you see correct or incorrect. Presh Web will not be held liable for your opinion of what is correct or incorrect.
Presh Web provides graphic design and website designs. Presh Web is NOT a web developer. They provide the LOOK OF YOUR WEBSITE and partial function, not the complete function due to the web host.
Presh Web does NOT provide SEO and is not responsible where you appear is search engines.
These terms and conditions replace all previous. These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

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